Steal hearts everywhere with these much loved pieces of jewelry.

Studio6 Jewels has already made a mark with the modern Day brides, in India, Dubai, Canada & U.S.A

Studio 6 Jewels came as an extension of Parull Khanna's personality with her love & keen eye on Designs. Legacy & values of tradition that are carried forward for generations, Studio 6 Jewels has been inspired by her mother and is an ode to our Indian culture. Studio 6 specializes in interior designs crafted to the personalised liking of individuals. We believe in spaces that embody beauty, grandeur and a royal charm. Transforming your living spaces with curators at Studio 6 can be ‘the best experience of your life’ - which is at the heart of all efforts, big and small, ensuring our passion brings your vision to life. Studio 6 Jewels specializes in intricate imitation Jewellery designs inspired by a concept of passing on of traditions & values from mothers to daughters, more precisely, from generation to generation. Jewellery & women go hand in hand, and so does our culture that is deeply rooted in our hearts. Studio 6 Jewels, today, stands at par with its competitors, because of the designs & the beauty of it.


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