Parull Khanna

Enterpreneur with a Purpose!

Parull Khanna is an entrepreneur who dons many hats. She started her career as an interior designer, furthering her passion for design and décor. Over time, she moved on to become a jewellery curator, as an extension of her keen eye & interest in design. What better way to spread your wings across horizons with DESIGN as a constant element? With her exquisite taste, an eye for detail and a keen love for jewellery that runs in her genes, jewellery curation was an instinctive choice for Parul. This love for jewels spills over in her everyday jewellery consultations as well. Her vibrant, vivacious, high-spirited personality defines Studio6 Jewels. She brings just as much enthusiasm to every conversation as her lovely curated jewellery pieces do. Studio6 Jewels is a natural extension of Parul's exuberant personality. Studio6 Jewels is her way of celebrating beauty and life, no matter what.


"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Design lies in the eyes of the admirer"

- Parull Khanna

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